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Over the history of Massimino Building Corp we have earned the reputation as a contractor that excels at completing fast track projects. Through the years, members of our team have completed over seventy-five (75) fast track construction projects at prestigious institutions throughout the tri-state area. The largest being a six million dollar renovation of Forbes College at Princeton University completed in a three month period. At the inception of our company, we were awarded and successfully completed fast track summer projects totaling eight million dollars at Princeton University and The Lawrenceville School. This type work has been a staple of our firm ever since.

The months leading up to the construction period are critical in this work, and as a result preconstruction planning takes on added significance. In developing a working schedule, with a clear understanding of the project scope, it is necessary to complete a thorough building survey and identify potential long lead items, for both materials and equipment. It may be prudent during this period to enter into early contractual agreements with subcontractors and vendors, in order to obtain these items in a timely fashion. Through our extensive experience with fast track work, we have truly become experts in this most demanding field.

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