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Massimino Building Corp provides comprehensive construction management services. This includes all phases of the project from budgeting and estimating to procurement strategies, value engineering, phasing, site planning and overall project management. 

Budgeting & Estimating

Massimino Building Corp believes that the key to any project’s success is the development of the project cost and schedule duration. The first step in this process is establishment of a quality estimating team. Through the preparation and owner review of cost estimates during the programming and design phases, this group will provide the construction team with the essentials needed for a successful project - a detailed scope of work, a coordinated construction schedule, and a group of qualified subcontractors. We recommend at least three estimates during the design phases, in order to arrive at the most accurate project budget. These budgets are usually prepared at the completion of the schematic design and design development phases, with one or two additional estimates completed during the construction document phase. 

Project Management

The construction team, made up of the project manager, 

project engineer superintendent 

and applicable foremen, is responsible for delivering a successful project to the owner. Their specific responsibilities include schedule and quality control maintenance, coordination of subcontractor activities, scheduling deliveries of materials and equipment, and oversight of Massimino’s project safety program. They also develop project meeting agendas and minutes and keep all necessary job related records. Most importantly, the project manager and superintendent are responsible for maintaining good communications with the owner, providing the owner's representative with timely information regarding any issues that may affect the quality, timing, or cost of the project. At the completion of the project the project manager will deliver to the owner final close out documents: as-built drawings, operation and maintenance manuals, commissioning reports and project warranties.

Value Engineering


Value Engineering is a tool we incorporate into the periodic estimates we develop during the design process. We believe this is an integral element in the design effort, defining alternate quality products, reviewing construction methods, and confirming availability of preferred products and equipment. Value engineering takes place from the schematic phase through bid review of completed document pricing, and is discussed at each team meeting along the way. Value Engineering assists the team in making decisions that affect cost, quality and schedule. The basis of this effort is to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the finished product. 

Procurement & Strategy

The procurement process is a collaborative effort between the project owner and Massimino Building Corp. Our process begins with the creation of a subcontractor bidders list, based on the demands of a given project. Upon receipt of the subcontract bids we prepare our own analysis, followed by detailed scope review meetings with the competitive bidders for each trade item. At these review sessions we discuss not only pricing questions, but also the subcontractor’s current workload, approach to the project, and proposed project team. We seek the owners' input in this process, with a focus on their positive or negative experiences with the various subcontractors. Once this process is complete we meet with the selected subcontractors to review the project schedule and any constructability issues and to solicit their suggestions for potential cost saving measures. 

Site Staging


Our team develops a site staging plan in order to control the limits of disruption, determine requirements for protection,and to ensure the safety of the workers, staff, and public. This plan will describe in detail the location of all site fencing, trailers, storage boxes, dumpsters, temporary toilets
and lay down area. 

Building Information Modeling


Through use of a Building Information Modeling (BIM) system we coordinate each building activity prior to and during the construction period.
We create technically accurate BIM/3D models for each building element, and utilize 2D versions of the model for shop drawing submissions. This is an important tool in monitoring and coordinating work in progress. At project completion, the BIM 3D model is an invaluable tool for the owner in coordinating maintenance functions and in planning future work to the facility.

Manage Quality


Quality is the cornerstone of the Massimino name. After establishing an understanding of our client’s needs, Massimino Building Corp provides pro forma estimating services that allow our clients to make educated decisions early in the process. We measure every estimate to a quality standard established by our founding partners, which insures that we achieve a high approval rating from our clients. During the construction period the project manager and superintendent review all work in progress, ensuring that the quality level meets the requirements of the documents and meets or exceeds the established standards of the owner, architect and engineers. Any quality issues with the performance of our subcontractors are immediately addressed to whatever degree necessary. We maintain and constantly update our own punch lists and insist that our standards are met before requesting that the owner and design team complete their punch list reviews. 

Manage Cost

Massimino Building Corp manages costs for all aspects
of a project, from initial budget recommendations to final delivery. We prepare periodic cost reports for the owners' use as dictated by their needs and requirements. Equally as importantly, we immediately advise the owner of any potential additional costs through a Pending Change Order. If the proposed work is approved, we promptly follow up with a formal Change Order. We understand that prompt communication of cost issues
to all involved is vital to the success of a project.

Manage Schedule

Being able to manage a budget effectively depends on strict adherence to the project schedule. Massimino carefully manages the schedule from project inception to final delivery, utilizing the Primavera Project Planning tool. We update our schedules on a regular basis and provide a detailed “look ahead” of planned construction activities at each project meeting. We also conduct regular on site meetings with our subcontractors, to ensure their cooperation and compliance to our scheduling requirements. We have a proven track record of completing projects within budget and on time.

Manage Safety


Massimino Building Corp adheres to the highest safety standards in the industry. We conduct weekly on site toolbox meetings with our subcontractors and utilize an independent certified safety inspector to conduct regular site inspections. Along with the vigilance of our supervisors, these measures have resulted in an Experience Modification of .64 on our workers’ compensation insurance. We place the highest value in protecting the health and safety of our employees, subcontractors, clients and the public on all our projects. 

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